Battery FAQ

1. Why my order didn't shipped out?

Maybe this battery is out of stock, please give us 12-24 hours to transfer goods from the supplier.

2. My old battery can't hold charger, which battery should i choose?

Just search battery number or laptop model in our site.

3. How can i sure this battery is the correct i need?

  • This battery can replace your old battery number.
  • This battery can fit for your machine model(Option).
  • This battery have the same volt, size, shape and the same position of interface as your old battery.

4. I can't find the battery on your site, can you help me?

Yes, please offer some picture of your original battery.

5. The battery i received is wrong?

Check your order again and contact us to replace it.

6. The battery is inside in the laptop, i can't replace it by myself?

You can try searching for a tutorial from youtube or contact local computer repair shop for help.

7. Which brand cells in the laptop battery?

Different battery have different brand battery cells, but if you choose genuine / original battery, it is the same brand as your old one.